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MAP (Medical Assistance Program) International is a non-profit organization specializing in health and relief, providing medical mission packs directly to communities suffering from poverty. Stop Hunger Now has partnered with MAP International for 10 years, shipping food and medicine together to clinics and partnerships globally, going anywhere from Central America, the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic and West Africa.

About 60 clinics in Liberia have, just this week, received Medical Mission Packs and Stop Hunger Now meals to further supply and promote well-rounded health aids and much-needed medical supplies. Just one pack can treat approximately 375 people, and one Stop Hunger Now meal can feed up to six people. In our most recent shipment, 27 MAP Medical Mission Packs along with over 10,000 meals were sent to Liberia.


Populations that receive MAP International blue boxes along with Stop Hunger Now meals include any existing partners of Stop Hunger Now, and are most commonly sent to existing medical facilities or ministries. The mission packs are aimed to promote health and respond to preventable diseases such as diabetes or hypertension.

Assistance is also given in crisis situations, such as recent earthquakes in Haiti, but are mostly providing medical nourishment to populations suffering from pre-existing diseases.

Our goals for future assistance, along with providing meals, are to increase awareness of our partner’s medical programs as well as increase the efficiency and impact of their medical work.


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