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This project entitled the Good Food Kitchen proposes to respond to the hunger situation of selected urban households by improving their dietary diversity whilst creating an income stream to poverty-stricken women. Improving dietary diversity will be done by applying social marketing principles that look at supply and demand chain management of available and affordable nutritious food.

Rise Against Hunger Philippines will establish Good Food Kitchens as part of the value chains of the Good Food Grocer (the food bank) and the Good Food Farms (community gardens). Surplus from the Good Food Grocers and the Good Food Farms will be cooked into nutritious meals or processed into bottled/canned products by volunteers and women from the communities where the food banks and farms are located. The Good Food Kitchens will serve as the nexus of community development activities that will include health and nutrition, income generation, livelihood and people empowerment.

The goal of the Good Food Kitchen is to improve the nutritional content and diversity of diets in Filipino food insecure urban households. The objectives are:

  1. To increase the availability of affordable, nutritious consumer food products
  2. To increase the demand for nutritious consumer food products