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Rise Against Hunger meals support transformational development and disaster response programs.

A large percent of Rise Against Hunger Philippines' meals go to areas affected by natural disasters. Rise Against Hunger fosters relationships among our network of partners to mobilize the most amount of relief aid possible in the shortest amount of time. Rise Against Hunger not only provides meals packaged by our dedicated volunteers, but facilitates shipments of donated products when available such as medical supplies, water, and food.
Every year, with the help of our hands-on volunteers, we provide thousands of nutritious meals and other life-saving aid to children and families in the Philippines. The collaboration between Rise Against Hunger staff, volunteers and nonprofit partners make our efforts a growing success every year in our mission to end hunger.

Nourishing Lives

Safety Nets

While long-term food security projects take root, vulnerable families and individuals still need to meet their basic needs today. Rise Against Hunger supports safety net programs that provide nourishment as well as additional skills training or services that support the difficult journey out of poverty. Our volunteer-packaged meals support children’s attendance at school, incentivize adults to learn a new trade or bolster clinic patients’ health in order to bring about holistic and transformational development in each of their lives.

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Responding to Emergencies

Crisis Relief

From droughts to floods, in conflict zones and transitioning political situations, food is often the most immediate need. When everyday access to food, wages, and market systems are destroyed in the wake of emergencies, Rise Against Hunger works through a network of in-country partners to address these needs. We strive to ensure aid is efficiently and effectively deployed to and received by communities when it is needed most.

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Empowering Communities

Agriculture and Income-Generating Initiatives

Rise Against Hunger bolsters agricultural production and incomes through programs promoting improved agricultural methods, business skills, and market access. With training and access to quality seeds and fertilizers, farmers can increase production and harvest a variety of nutritious crops. By supporting the establishment of fish and livestock production, we also provide pathways to diversifying diets and improving nutritional outcomes. For those who do not grow their own food, income is a key determinant in being food secure — through income generating activities we help individuals increase their earning potential and thus their consistent access to food.

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Our Impact

25,272 Meals Packaged This Week
543,410,686 Total Meals Packaged
78 Countries Served
7,834,333 Meals Packaged in Philippines

Please visit our Global Reach page to see where our meals and other life-changing aid have been distributed.

Impact Story

Indigenous Women Gain Access to Education in Guatemala

In Ixcán, in the North of Guatemala, only five out of 100 young indigenous women have access to secondary education. Magdalena, age 17, is one of 610 young indigenous women studying in the boarding schools of Talita Kumi. Magdalena receives nutritious Rise Against Hunger meals at school distributed by partner Salesian Missions.

Here, they teach us that it is good to eat differently, especially what we can produce in our own community.

Magdalena, age 17
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Grow the Movement

Working together to implement this holistic approach to community development is #HowWeRise against poverty, against injustice and against hunger on a global scale. We invite you to take action and help build the movement to end hunger for all and for good by hosting a meal packaging event, volunteering, becoming a hunger champion or taking other action.

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