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When we can speak the facts about hunger, we can tell the story and motivate others to get involved.
The total number of chronically hungry people in Southeast Asia has plunged by close to 70 million in the last two decades thanks to economic growth and policies to feed the poor. However, the prevalence of underweight children in 2011 was highest in Southern Asia among all regions, with 57 million children under five, underweight. When we can speak the facts about hunger, we can easily tell the story of those suffering and motivate others to get involved!

Hunger Facts & Quotes

Hunger 101

Considering how easy it is for untrue statements and misconceptions to spread in our age of information, we urge you to learn the facts for yourself. We’ve compiled a list of useful figures and quotes to equip you on our shared journey to a hunger-free world.

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Educational Resources

Dive Deeper

Numbers alone don’t tell the story. That’s why we’ve compiled these multimedia resources —  from videos to infographics — to help you, your group and your classroom understand the scale of hunger.

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Use Your Knowledge for Good!

Education is the first step to understanding and thoroughly addressing any issue — and world hunger is no different. But all the knowledge in the world won’t solve hunger unless we all resolve to share and act on it. We challenge you to take our advocacy pledge so you can use what you’ve learned to help change minds, wills and policies in pursuit of zero hunger.

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