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Each month, we’ve been shining our spotlight on our international in-country offices. These Stop Hunger Now locations around the globe enable us to reach people in need all over the globe, and are critical to reaching our goal of zero hunger. This month, we spoke with Roberta Baldazzi, Executive Director of Stop Hunger Now Italy.

What has been the most rewarding part of operating Stop Hunger Now Italy?

In my current job there are no limits: from logistics management, to grant applications, to communication, to purchasing, to fundraising, to finance and finally, meal packaging events. It’s a big challenge but has also been a source of professional growth.

From a personal perspective, I know that I’m doing something to make a difference, and that justifies all the effort. I think people who support us get the same feeling.

How has the local community supported the Stop Hunger Now mission?

Generally speaking, everyone who meets us loves Stop Hunger Now; we are really appreciated once people know us, as no one else in Italy does what we are doing.

What are your main goals for 2017?

We want to build a strong WHY by changing positioning in our supporters’ view of us: Supporting Stop Hunger Now is not just philanthropy, but also social engagement. We want to change the focus from number of meals packed to the children we’re helping, their lives and their hope. We want to show our supporters that their contribution is changing the future for children.

Finally, we want to turn the spotlight on Stop Hunger Now in Italy — we want everyone to know we are here!

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