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For second grader Woodley, who suffers from a condition called dwarfism, consistent access to nutritious meals is crucial for his well-being. To support Woodley and his six siblings, his father works as a mason and his mother operates a small business from their home in Boukan Kare, Haiti.

Boukan Kare is remote and mountainous, and food security is a major crisis, as it has beens increasingly difficult to plant and harvest food. The area also has very limited education opportunities and with a severe lack of jobs. Woodley’s parents are fortunate to have income.

Many of Woodley’s classmates walk more than two hours to attend school each day at Divine Shelter School (DSS) Boukan Kare, and without regular meals, would have little energy to focus in class and excel in their studies. At school, along with his classmates and siblings, Woodley is guaranteed Rise Against Hunger meals each day distributed by partner Cross International.

Staff at the school have noticed that the meals have made a difference in the lives of children like Woodley, providing them the needed energy to perform well academically.

Orvil, the Primary School Director of DSS Boukan Kare, shares, “We sincerely thank the donors who are making the daily sacrifice to allow these children to get an important meal and an education.”

Zach Oles, the International Projects Manager, also explains the impact of Rise Against Hunger meals on the community, “The vitamin-enriched rice is used every school day within the DSS network. Without the food there would be no other option to feed over 4,700 primary school children.”

As he continues to grow stronger and pursue his education, Woodley hopes to explore his love of writing and aspires to become a doctor.

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