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When Irra became pregnant at age 19, she was unsure how care for herself and her then unborn child. She struggled to afford daily food in her coastal Philippines community, and to meet her nutritional needs.

Fortunately, Irra had the opportunity to enroll in Rise Against Hunger partner International Care Ministries’ (ICM) Transform Program. Through the program, Irra received a Pregnancy Treatment Package including maternal health information, soap, baby wraps and nutritious Rise Against Hunger meals. Thanks to the support provided by ICM, Irra was able to save her money to cover the cost of her baby’s delivery.

Irra ate the Rise Against Hunger meals as part of her during and after her pregnancy, providing her with much-needed nutrition. Irra continued receiving the meals after giving birth to aid her in breastfeeding her newborn child, Juesan. Irra shared, “I was thankful for the Rise Against Hunger meals because it helped me while I was pregnant.”

Leif, a community leader and pastor who works with the ICM Transform program, added, “The Rise Against Hunger meals are also a big help to the community, especially to those families who find hard to buy food like rice.”

Fe, a health trainer in the program, said, “Through her participation in Transform, Irra was able to receive care and counseling which prepared her for the healthy delivery of her baby.”

Thanks to partners like ICM, along with hunger champions like you, we are able to boost the health and livelihoods of mothers and their children worldwide.

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