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In the heart of New York City’s Times Square on Sunday, February 18, the Rise Against Hunger team launched our This is possible. campaign, spreading the word that we can eradicate world hunger in just 12 years. We engaged with pedestrians in Times Square, sharing our mission and gathering hundreds of pledges to join the hunger movement.

The launch event was amplified to reach millions of people around the globe, with coverage from media outlets like MTV UK and Viacom, emphasizing that everyone can make an impact regardless of their location on the map.

While 1 in 9 people around the world currently live with food insecurity, we are encouraged by the fact that we have seen a 13% decrease in those facing hunger since 1990.

In alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #2, we know that ending world hunger by the year 2030 is not only vital — it is possible!For more on the campaign and to sign our pledge to end hunger, visit

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