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In the rural farming community of Tarasse, Haiti, having a proper meal to eat is considered a luxury. At the MESH school in Tarasse, students receive nutritious Rise Against Hunger meals distributed by partner organization Hearts and Hands for Haiti, which enable them to succeed in school and have led to significant increases in student weights over the past year.

Lilome, age 9, shares,

This food is very important at school. I like it very much. It gives me strength and the capacity for learning well.

Cherismond, a teacher at the school, agrees, “[Rise Against Hunger meals] are excellent food. I enjoy it very much. It’s the favorite meal at school. It brings vitamins to help the children learn well. It favors health.”

Prior to receiving Rise Against Hunger meals, Milo John, the MESH school administrator, shared that many of the school’s parents would ask for food to feed their children at home.

“The parents who didn’t have anything to feed their children at home can breathe because their children find a hot dish at school,” Milo says. He adds,

It is a great pleasure to us in our eyes we can see our children are growing up. Their weight increase is considerable in regard of the last passing year.

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