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We’re honored to once again be teaming up with the amazing folks at Pfizer to make a hands-on impact on global hunger. This December, Pfizer employees will gather in New York to fill, weigh, seal and box 50,000 meals containing a nutrient-rich mixture of rice, soy, vegetables and vitamins.

Over the last 3 years, Pfizer has displayed an unwavering commitment to alleviating hunger worldwide — contributing nearly 100,000 meals to the movement to date. The meals have benefited thousands of children seeking a better life across the developing world – from Mission of Hope Haiti to Reach Now International in Zambia. Like previous shipments, the meals packaged at this month’s event will likely be distributed through school feeding programs. These programs offer children living in poverty an incentive to enter a classroom and stay there — boosting matriculation rates and sustainably breaking the cycle of poverty for their families.

Although global hunger and undernutrition are slowly improving, the problem persists in many poverty-stricken and developing nations. 805 million people – one out of every nine people on our planet – suffer from chronic hunger. And while hunger is a sizeable problem, it is a completely solvable one. Which is why we’re ecstatic and honored to find such a dedicated, long-term partner in Pfizer to help us see the issue through. Together, we can eradicate hunger everywhere.

To add your name to the growing list of hunger fighters, consider donating, volunteering, or scheduling your own meal packaging event.  From ending hunger to mitigating climate change to improving global health, click to learn all the ways Pfizer is improving our world. 

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