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Last month, partner OpenTable gathered 450 employees to bring servings of hope to those around the world! Packaging over 51,000 meals to go to communities in Southeast Asia, the OpenTable team was eager to get involved and make their impact. Knowing that pallets full of boxes of meals would soon fill thousands of plates leaves employees grateful to have played their part in making the world a better place. Here are their takeaways from this impactful event:

So inspiring to be able to work toward feeding children in need and help with #2030isPossible. I am also publicly making a commitment to help with this in my own community more often.

-Julie Windschit

It felt so good to give back! Especially working in the food industry. It was also incredibly energizing!

-Vera Maione

Giving in the best way possible! #2030isPossible!

-Patrick Mahon

This was amazing. Such a cool thing to do, and I felt really helpful and hopeful.

-Alicia Gomes

I’m incredibly proud OpenTable was able to partner with Rise Against Hunger. It was fun, uplifting and a great team building experience. Thank you OpenTable and Rise Against Hunger!

-Shane Call

This was my all-time favorite team building event. We are fortunate to be fed every day and this is the best way to be reminded of that while helping others.

-Amanda Collier

Great experience! Looking forward to more events and collaboration with Rise Against Hunger.

-Carly Netropp

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