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One of the biggest challenges we face today as a global community is uncertainty: How long will the COVID-19 crisis last, and how will we recover? 

At Rise Against Hunger, we’ve also asked how we’ll continue to reach 1.4 million beneficiaries worldwide while our volunteer events are on hold and our meal inventory is rapidly shrinking. While we still face many uncertainties, we are pleased to share our three-step COVID-19 Relief & Resilience Plan, below! Together, we can put this plan in action.

Over the next three months, Rise Against Hunger will distribute our meals, along with bulk quantities of rice from our inventory, to partners in 15 countries. The meals and rice can be used as take-home rations to meet children’s nutritional needs while schools are closed.

When our meal inventory is depleted, we will provide grants and other cash-based assistance to in-country partners for purchasing food locally. Working with local suppliers, partners will provide nutritious food baskets to help meet families’ basic needs while supporting the economy.

Sustainable agriculture projects in Malawi, Mali, Senegal and Zimbabwe will help build the capacity of local farmers and increase their food production. Farmers will learn agriculture and income generation skills, and families will benefit from eating local vegetables and animal proteins.

This plan seems simple, but it will take the support of our global community of Hunger Champions like you to make it a reality. Will you donate now to set our COVID-19 response in motion and ensure we can reach vulnerable communities in crisis? No gift is too small, and your support will mean so much to those facing hunger today. 


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