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Through the work of our partners such as Mission Lazarus in Honduras, Stop Hunger Now focuses on transformational development, community development and growth. Mission Lazarus provides basic education  as well as real world trade skills to at-risk youth in remote communities. Students receive vocational education through sewing, shoemaking, leather smithing and carpentry.

In March 2014, two brothers who attend one of Mission Lazarus’ vocational school lost their lumberjack father in a job-related accident. According to the locals, the death of a father who is the breadwinner in a village in Honduras can be a death sentence for the entire family.

Being in their second year of the three-year program, the brothers made a decision not to drop out and to stay in school. Receiving one healthy meal a day and a stipend to attend school  allowed them to stay in school and not go to work in the fields. The brothers remain in school and will graduate in 2015. To learn more, click here.

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