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When Rise Against Hunger meals are provided in schools around the globe, the benefits stretch far beyond full stomachs. The meals serve as an incentive for parents to send their children to school, with attendance rates skyrocketing as a result. The nutritional quality of our meals elevates recipients abilities to focus and learn, and to grow physically strong.

Emerson, 6th grade, and Linda, 4th grade, benefit from Rise Against Hunger meals each week at their school in Honduras, distributed by partner Central America Relief Efforts. The entire community has demonstrated support and excitement for the Rise Against Hunger meals distributed at schools. Meal distribution has lead to an increase in school attendance and families are more likely to be involved in school initiatives.

Since receiving Rise Against Hunger meals, Emerson reports feeling stronger and healthier. Prior to enrolling in school, Emerson’s diet primarily consisted of tortillas and beans. Now, Emerson looks forward to measuring his continued growth.

Emerson shares that the meals have changed his life, and as he continues to grow stronger and finish his education, he looks forward to becoming a mechanic and continuing the friendships he has made at school.

Linda, along with her cousin and peers, receives Rise Against Hunger meals daily. Due to her diet previously lacking nutrients, Linda did not have energy to focus in school, and her body did not develop properly. Linda says she now finds it easier to remain attentive during classes and is excited to see more students attending classes every day.

With access to meals that are full of necessary nutrients, Linda’s family is happy to see their children growing, and Linda says she looks forward to continuing to become stronger. In addition to feeling healthier, she hopes to excel in school with a goal to someday become a doctor.

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