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More than 14 million Filipinos go without three meals a day, while about 2.7 million families have been left hungry in the last three months. In light of this reality in their own country, Rise Against Hunger Philippines has launched something innovative and exciting: the Good Food Grocer, the first food bank social franchise in the Philippines! We are thrilled to see the impact this program will have, and believe it to be an important addition to our arsenal of mechanisms for ending hunger.

To serve those in need, the Good Food Grocer will sell donated nutritious food at discounted prices, distribute food that cannot be sold, run a soup kitchen which will cook food daily, implement livelihood programs to prevent food wasting and establish community gardens.

With the provision of nutritious food as the main objective, the Good Food Grocer will also implement supplemental feeding programs which will include other services like growth monitoring, deworming, nutrition education for parents and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) training.

While the food bank will serve a large variety of population groups, special outreach will focus on pregnant women, new mothers and young children. With these individuals in mind, the program will aim to provide stunting reduction, scaling up of nutrition intervention and designing nutrition-sensitive and specific programs.

The Good Food Grocer’s main location is in Taguig City, and with the help of partners, additional cities will open pilot locations in Quezon City, Mandaue City and Bacolod City.

As we join hands with partners around the globe, we look forward to the day when we are all celebrating the reality of a hunger-free world! For more on how you can join the movement, visit our Get Involved page.

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