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In Nairobi, Kenya, many families live on less than $1 per day. Children like Lucy, age 12, who lives in a single-parent home, are more likely to miss out on an education and proper nutrition.

Lucy regularly ate one meal a day that consisted of cow blood and milk, until their cows died of drought, leaving them even more at-risk.

Lucy, age 12 from Nairobi, Kenya

At school, Lucy receives nutritious Rise Against Hunger meals distributed by partner Feed the Hungry UK. Since receiving the meals, Lucy finds herself healthier and better able to focus on school and playing with her friends. She hopes to continue in her education as she plans to become a doctor to treat the sick and poverty-stricken people in her community.

Her teacher, Geoffrey, shares, “Before joining the program, Lucy was a malnourished, shy girl. After joining the feeding program, she has exuded lots of confidence and good work in her classes.”

Chris, a chairperson with the organization, added that the meals have encouraged families to send their children to school, knowing that they will receive food. The organization is also able to also teach business and entrepreneurship to people outside of the schools to continue to support the community.

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