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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues around the globe, our organization is faced with challenges in doing what we do best — engaging volunteers and serving the world’s most vulnerable. In response to this crisis, our locations in India, Italy, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Africa and the United States are working locally and globally through outreach efforts to continue to meet our commitments to children and families counting on our support. Learn more about our efforts  in the communities we serve below. 

Rise Against Hunger India 

  • Our India team is packaging limited Rise Against Hunger meals internally to distribute to those in need 
  • So far, 239,030 meals were provided to more than 40,000 people in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi with the help of 21 partners 
  • A live kitchen in Mumbai founded by partner Ratna Nidhi Trust is serving 2,500 of our rice-dahl meals daily to feed shelter-less and stranded workers in 7 communities 
  • Food and other aid are being provided to nearly 400 migrant laborers and refugees. 
  • With the demand for meals increasing in 8 states, the Rise Against Hunger India team is preparing to organize 2.5 million meals to serve those in need

Rise Against Hunger Italy

  • Incorporating new solutions for engagement, the current meal inventory at our Italy location has allowed our team to support existing meal recipients and beneficiaries for up to 9 months
  • With schools closed in Zimbabwe, Kenya, South Sudan and Ghana, meals are being distributed at the household level to families most in need at this time 
  • A new route has been opened in Ghana, allowing a container of 285,000 meals to be delivered to Future Children of Africa 

Rise Against Hunger Malaysia

  • Due to a complete government lockdown, the Malaysia team is developing other ideas and solutions transport meals and aid to those in need
  • A plan is being coordinated to relocate rice, lentils, vegetables and micro-nutrient sachets directly to beneficiaries when it becomes possible
  • Through the partnership with other organizations, the donations of gloves, masks and hand sanitizer are being accepted for underserved communities 

Rise Against Hunger Philippines

  • The Philippines team has been able to reach nearly 7,700 families and 28 hospitals with food and aid.
  • Family packs are being supplemented for 20,000 families and 5 daycare centers in Barangay Ususan from the local food bank
  • Groceries and hygiene kits have been sent to 802 families in Tondo through the Better World Tondo program
  • Food, juice and probiotic drinks were delivered to frontline healthcare workers at 30 hospitals in Paranaque City 
  • Support for Don Bosco Youth Center in Calauan is serving 2,000 children daily
  • Food is also being distributed to those in need throughout Metro Manila and 7 provinces 

Rise Against Hunger South Africa

  • Essential service certificate and permits were secured for the South Africa location, allowing travel and distribution during lockdown
  • The requests for food assistance is continuing to increase as the South Africa team is adapting to continue meeting the needs of 70,000 beneficiaries; including providing meals in home distribution packs to serve the families of young children enrolled in early childhood development centers
  • More than 510,000 meals were distributed during the week of March 23

Rise Against Hunger United States

  • Due to more than 440 canceled or postponed volunteer events, the U.S. team is working on the reallocation of over 750,000 pounds of rice inventory through local U.S. distribution, as well as partner programs in El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras
  • Still accessing how to best support those in need, the priority is for 1.4 million beneficiaries; 400,000 are students.
  • Our U.S. location is also working to aid programs around the world. In 15 countries, school feeding programs have reported partial or country-wide shelter-in-place policies, leaving 236,138 children unable to access our nutritious meals in a school setting for the next 4-8 weeks
  • Medical supplies and aid will soon be shipped to Liberia and Sierra Leone
  • Fundraising is underway to support alternate nutritional solutions in-country for beneficiaries due to shortages and pipeline gaps with our standard meals. 

We will continue to provide updates as our response to the global crisis evolves.

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