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It’s time to celebrate, and we are jumping for joy, hairnets and all! 2017 was an incredible year of impact for Rise Against Hunger. With the help of hunger champions like you, and partners worldwide, we served a record 1.4 million people in 36 countries across the globe!

We engaged nearly 400,000 volunteers around the world to package an incredible 72.2 million meals for those most in need!

In addition to meals, we distributed $26.1 million in donated aid, including medical supplies, clothing, soap and more.

In response to natural disasters and other crises around the globe in 2017, we supplied more than $6 million in crisis relief aid. Because of the fast and diligent work of our staff and on-the-ground partners, we provided support to those impacted by disasters including the devastating Hurricanes Harvey, Maria and Irma, flooding in Peru and Sierra Leone, as well as political crises such as the plight of refugees fleeing Syria.

We are excited and proud to share these numbers, and we are grateful that with your help, we reached an incredible number of people over the course last year. But the most exciting news is that we haven’t slowed down, and we are already on track to make an even bigger impact in 2018.

When we work alone, a world without hunger is only a dream, but when we rally communities around this common goal, a world free of hunger is, in fact, possible! For information on how you can join our movement to end hunger by 2030, please visit our Get Involved page.