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Cisco is committed to social change and at Cisco Live! Barcelona with their partner Rise Against Hunger, they engaged conference attendees to package meals for the world’s hungry. Aligned with the UN Sustainable Development goals, RAH sends their meals mostly to school feeding programs to help communities heal and transform lives. We are grateful to the 80,000 meals packaged and donated this year!

“It’s a refreshing and rewarding experience to be able to give back by getting involved in the Rise project during a commercial conference. We’re here at the conference to communicate technology that can transform societies, but it’s also important to address challenges like hunger, famine and poverty as we do so. Amazing project and please keep it up, team!” – Lara, Cisco


“Quick note from a tech enthusiast… the container is genius! I do these even at big shows all the time, but you never get to see where your kits go. Having the container on site lets participants sense that their work will be quickly deployed. Great marketing!” – Patrick


“Everybody goes to discuss and talk about curing hunger. With just 20 minutes meal packaging, you really cure the hunger. Thanks, Rise Against Hunger! This is real.” – Christoph, Cisco


The 80,000 meals packaged will benefit hundreds of individuals enrolled in school feeding programs, vocational training programs and orphanages in Zimbabwe overseen by our partner ADRA. ADRA is a global humanitarian organization which works through an international network to deliver relief and development assistance to individuals in more than 130 countries.

Thank you to Cisco and #CLEUR attendees for making this hands-on impact and rising against hunger. #Rise2030

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