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Alliance for Children Everywhere, Stop Hunger Now’s in-country distribution partner in Zambia, has recently started a new monitoring and evaluation initiative to provide more data on the impact of meals on the children being served. The group was approved for two containers of meals this year, up from one container in 2013. The additional meals enabled Alliance for Children Everywhere to start a feeding center five days per week at Free Baptist School, versus the irregular schedule they previously held.

“These children come from very difficult backgrounds,” says Alliance for Children Everywhere. “It is no surprise that some of them struggle in school, many students live on less than 2 meals a day and suffer from lack of concentration because of hunger. Through the Stop Hunger Now partnership, the students will now be receiving a meal at school everyday. This will encourage attendance and help with concentration at school.”

With this new initiative, Alliance for Children Everywhere will be collecting height and weight information monthly on children at the school. Stop Hunger Now will support translating thie data into a formal report in order to evaluate and share the direct impact of meals being served in this school.

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