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Hunger Champions, are you ready for football season? Are you familiar with fantasy football? My name is Payton Docheff and I am the Kansas City Community Engagement Manager and the in-house fantasy football expert for Rise Against Hunger. If you haven’t heard yet, I am commissioning an all-can-enter fantasy football league to support Rise Against Hunger’s COVID-19 relief efforts around the globe. Find out the top 5 reasons why you should join the league TODAY, below!

You can make a global impact from your home

You may know us from an awesome time you had at a meal packaging event with your friends, family or co-workers, where the playlist was top-notch. Sadly, there hasn’t been a lot of meal packaging lately, and the communities we serve need us now more than ever. You’re already part of the Rise Against Hunger team, so why not gather your own team (get it?) so we can tackle hunger together? 

Connect with other Hunger Champions

This fantasy football experience is all virtual. Not only will you be put into a “league” with 15 other hunger champions, but you’ll be competing against a host of other “leagues” for the final prize (feeding the world — and, the coolest trophy you’ve ever seen). Your network just got a lot bigger! Get to know your fellow league-mates, and have as much fun as you can muster. 

Try something new

Or have fun doing something you already love! Listen: fantasy football isn’t serious. It’s a game about another game. But, at this point, we’re all a little routine’d out. Why not have a little fun cheering your heart out for someone you’ve never met, so you can totally crush a bunch of people you’ve also never met? Our league format is entirely accessible in that after you draft, you don’t even need to check your team week to week! 

Compete to win

If the previous point was for the newbies among us, this one is for the seasoned fantasy football fans. Think you can beat me? Think you can beat your fellow Hunger Champions? Think you can feed families worldwide WHILE claiming the number one spot? Please, show us! 

Keep the movement going

It’s been great to see fantasy players, non-fantasy players, team members, friends, and strangers show they’re willing to support our vision of a world without hunger. You are the mouthpiece of our mission. If you’ve ever wondered how to go beyond meal packaging to be an ambassador for communities Rise Against Hunger serves around the globe, this might be it. I’ll invite my people, you invite your people, and we’ll see just how much of an impact we can make. 

Have I convinced you to join the league yet? I hope so! Sign up today as we have a little fun and tackle world hunger, together. 

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